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Want to reach a wider market of professionals with your best-in-class content and services? Synergi makes it possible. Take advantage of our innovative infrastructure to deliver your targeted content.

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It’s simple. You build the content views and Synergi delivers them through our innovative infrastructure.

As a partner, users can try your content through a free trial subscription period. Your information may be packaged in four offerings: Basic, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise. Users who continue using your service beyond the free 30-day trial, will be automatically billed for their subscribed services.


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Tell us your industry and the segment your product is targeted for, and we’ll help you get your information in front of the users that can benefit from it most—and even better—want to pay you for it!

Synergi helps you integrate disparate applications, enabling you to handle larger, more complex workflows, increase productivity, customer satisfaction and retention, and drive revenue.


Sales representatives no longer need to focus on integration—they can focus on business goals and results


Synergi provides the framework and facilitates integrating your services


Users are able to integrate disparate information seamlessly


Information is passed in context, so managing workflow is a snap


The Synergi Add-In uses click-once updating (like Windows Update), so updating services is transparent to the end user


Users get product and service notifications via advertising on your service title bar


The Synergi framework provides the ability to advertise upcoming events and products for each industry and its segments, targeting your specific markets.


Gain powerful insights from our user experience report, which analyzes how to help you improve your service and develop newer, improved content.

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